What Do You Big Guys Do?
  1. Underscores (pre or post)
  2. Composition of Jingles
  3. Songs
  4. Bridges and Cues
  5. Arranging - every style from BeBop to Hip Hop - A Capella to Orchestral
  6. Licensing
  7. Casting/Contracting
  8. Record/Mix Music
  9. Digital Record/Edit of any Digital or Analog source
  10. Scoring
  11. Record/Edit Voiceover
  12. Internet Audio Publishing - put your mix on our website for your clients!
  13. CD prep (Audio and CD ROM) and mastering
  14. Make you happy

In addition to the equipment located in Edit A, our studios are interconnected via a high bandwidth network, which allows us to share information and equipment as needed. Also in Edit A is our Internet transfer system that allows us to transmit any audio or video via the Internet. For a complete list of equipment available, please call us at 651-633-3933.

"Great tools are only as good as the people who use them!"
                                                      -Mr Big, circa 1997

We are firm believers in the pursuit of creative excellence. That Grail exists, but not without a dialogue between pre-production conceptual discussion and a real live "demo process". Our multiple demo process is very effective and it is exactly what has become the foundation of our success.

PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS A complimentary Promo Kit, which includes your choice of cassette, CD or VHS is available to Agency, Film, and Video Producers. Email lotsmore@bigsite.net, or call 1-651-633-3933. Please remember to include your phone and FAX numbers, your company name, complete address with zip code and your email / internet info. - Production demos available include: 1) - Radio Commercials & Broadcast Jingles 2) - "Global Music" (a collection of music for various purposes) 3) - VHS consisting of Original Music / Sound Design / Broadcast Jingles. We are happy to create a demo for your particular needs! Call for details!

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